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Kubernetes Up and Running


Well I’ve gone totally overboard with CI/CD on this simple little static html site. If you are reading this it is coming from my test kube cluster on Digital ocean and the image was automatically built by travis. More details to come… EDIT Well things weren’t quite working as expected when I pushed that last commit. As a note, kubectl set image does require the use of a namespace when deploying a new image.

First Post


Well I figured it was about time I attempted to maintain another website. It seems as the years rolled by since I last tried my hand at HTML/CSS I have forgotten approximately 100% of what I knew and the world moved on without me. Web devleopment now-a-days hardly resembels what it looked like the last time I tried my hand at slinging some CSS, but it seems that even old gray beards like me can muddle their way though with Chrome Devtools and “Inspect Element”.